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How to Get a License for Real Estate Agent

real estate agent license

real estate agent license

Being working in real estate and being a real estate agent in Pakistan is not an easy task. They need to be exceptionally attentive and well-informed on the local market to understand every corner and cranny. 

Realtors are the people who are mindful to interface property purchasers with mortgage holders and occupants with landowners. They are otherwise called property dealers and brokers in the neighborhood lingo. In spite of the fact that their significant obligation includes making joins between people who need to sell, buy, rent, and people who are searching for properties, they are additionally needed to remain refreshed and up to date with the housing market.

Their role and tasks can be characterized into three groups including administrative work, research, and marketing.


Administrative work includes:

  • Answer questions through phone calls or emails 
  • Schedule open houses and site visits 
  • Provide property listings 
  • Assist in enrolling and delivering property documents 


Marketing may include several tasks but some of the major things include: 

  • Build linkages with property buyers and sellers
  • Make sure that the clients get the best deals 
  • Network with investors and property hunters 
  • Stay updated on the local real estate market 


Here are some research responsibilities of a property dealer:

  • Analyze property market 
  • Search open listings 
  • Find properties for sale and rent 
  • Stay updated with real estate market

What do you need to get a license for Real Estate


Although there are no prominent institutions in our country that offer educational courses in real estate, there is one operating in Karachi by the name of the Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management (PIREM), which offers certificates and diplomas in real estate management and construction.
A real estate agent is a self-employed individual who should have adequate business knowledge, so getting a Master’s degree in business administration may prove helpful. It must be noted that along with business knowledge, gaining practical experience is equally authoritative for a real estate agent to excel in the field.

Acquiring a degree in real estate is the best way to get a real estate license in Pakistan. However, getting a degree or certification in real estate wasn’t possible a few years ago but since now it is possible. People coming in this business must get and have the knowledge for it for better working.


For real estate applicants and people new to this business, the process of registration can be as simple as working with a well-reputed and recognized agency. They can either choose to work as an employee or as a companion.
It is always better to settle terms and conditions before you actually start functioning with the partners or employers. This will also help you eradicate unpleasant experiences in the industry.
Talk about the share of the commission on successful deals, working limitations, methods, and schedule. Once you have learned the strategies and situations of the market, you can start your own business and function as an independent agent.

real estate agent license

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